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History of Video Game Controllers

by Rita Malaquias

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Decorative Vector Frames & Ornaments.

These elements are extremely easy to use, versatile and will help you avoid those pesky, time consuming design details.

Get it here: http://bit.ly/1iCh2OG

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"You know how nicknames are man. The more you complain themorethey stick."

"I hear ya on that man. In fact, when I was in grade school all my friends started calling me "Shit Eater" because of this one time….*nervous laughter*…nevermind"

"My only friend is a drug dealer named Roofie"

"A: “I signed you up under a pseudo name.”
B: “Very smart, Whats the name?”
C: “Excuse Me! Are you the one they call Anal Beads?”"

  • "I can't eat pork."
  • "What happens if you eat it?"
  • "Its against my religion. We don't eat pork. Its like breaking a contract with God!"
  • "Who negotiated that?!"
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